Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm Cheap

Part of resurrecting my writing "career" involves resurrecting my writing to be read. Now that we live in a world of digital words, I've never understood why anyone would take good stories away from potential readers.

These Darkened Streets back in digital "print"

Note I said good stories. I've trunked plenty of my tales, including some which have seen print. Even though they were published once, I might not want to claim them as one of my current stable of quality tales.

Way back on March 26, 2012, I wrote this post which explains how many of my collections and stories were wrested away from readers. I'm working to make them available again. And here's the thing--as I republish, I republish at the lowest price point I can. I don't mind 99 cents if it means a reader will take a chance and pick up my stories. This writing thing isn't solely about making money (although compensation is nice); it is about telling stories.

When I started focusing on the money, I started to lose my love for the process. The universe set me right.

I've recently returned Darker Matter: Stories of Strange Futures, These Darkened Streets, The Undead: 13 Stories, and Loathsome, Dark and Deep to the digital world.

Darker Matter back in digital "print"

You can find them at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and elsewhere electronic words are exchanged.

So yes, I'm cheap. I'm cheap and ready to tell you a story.


Lisa said...

I found your work via dead lands; pass the ammunition. That is an awesome book that left on a hugr cliffhanger. While you're resurrecting old projects, would you consider doing the rrestof the story?

Aaron Polson said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your kind words. Yes... I've considered turning Dead Lands into a complete novel. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

DermotK said...

Hi Aaron,
I would like to echo Lisa's sentiment in the above comment. Please do turn Dead Lands: Pass the Ammunition into a full novel. After the cliffhanger ending I can't wait to see how it all turns out for Peter and Ellen. Great writing keep it up.