Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Inspiration

I've killed more muses than I care to count, but somehow, in the midst of chaos, I still find inspiration.

In fact, I can almost turn it on at will. Three sure-fire methods:

1. Read quality fiction.
2. Watch an awards show.
3. Watch the Rush documentary, Beyond the Lighted Stage.

Number 1 always makes me want to work harder. I don't do number 2 because I hope to "be there someday". It's more of a, "wow--look at all of these people chasing their dreams" (and a little bit of "Really? That won an award?"). Number 3 is the textbook example of doing it your way. Rush is awesome, but polarizing. People I know either love/hate them. I'm firmly in the "love" camp.

The problem isn't with inspiration. The problem is energy. Time is at a premium as is my ability to focus for more than five minutes at a time.

But I'm not going to quit.

Ideas, you see, can haunt a person if let to fester. They can crust over, split open, and bleed into other parts of one's life. Those ideas just won't go away--not once the seeds are planted and watered. The inspiration is there.

What I need is an energy transfusion.


Speaking of good fiction, Shimmer 14 is available for Kindle at the muse-proof price of 99 cents.


Kristi DeMeester said...

Aaron, I'm with you. I, too, am a teacher, and after a full day of lessons, talking, and grading, all I want to do is crash when I get home. It feels as if all creativity and the natural joy/high I get from writing has been sucked right outta me. Gotta figure out a better way to get it done. If you have the magic formula, send a little my way?

Aaron Polson said...

Kristi - I think I need a couple of Harry Potter style house elves. That might make a difference.

Anonymous said...

"They can crust over, split open, and bleed into other parts of one's life" -- excellent. You must be a writer! =]

Anthony Rapino said...

Like a dream deferred, nice allusion!

This is true for me too; I've lost a lot of my creative energy the past months. I spend so much time teaching, grading, editing, and now promoting, that actually writing has taken a back seat.

It will not stand. Not for much longer.

Aaron Polson said...

Milo - I was paraphrasing Langston Hughes from "A Dream Deferred" ;)

Tony - Bingo! (On the Hughes reference).

Nobody puts writing in the backseat. Nobody. (Not for long, anyway.)

Anonymous said...

Stinkin' high school English teachers. =] I'm getting the word out about the 99-cent Kindled Shimmer -- looks like it'll only be at that price for a week... (I've got a story in their next issue, and I'm stoked.)

Barry napier said...

Sorry to bust your formula, but I neither LOVE nor HATE Rush. They've always been so-so for me. :)

Aaron Polson said...

Awesome Milo - Shimmer is a top shelf market. 'grats!

Barry - Now you've ruined all my credibility. (Credibility? What credibility?)