Friday, February 17, 2012

A Good Swift Kick


They've been missing from my writing life. Good, targeted goals. Goals with dates, word counts, submissions deadlines...

I need some goals. I need them to be public so I can't slack.

Here goes:

  1. Finish edits on Good Deeds (a short thriller) and publish by Monday (2/20/12).
  2. Finish writing a second short thriller (Switch) and publish by the end of March.
  3. Submit one short story (or flash fiction) each month. I have several started which need finished. 
  4. Finish writing the irreverent vampire novella I started last fall. It's fun. And bloody. I will be done with the first draft by the end of the school year.
  5. Write the third and "final" installment of The Sons of Chaos. It's going to be a cold one. I'd like to finish this by the end of the school year as well.
There. Now I have to do these things. 


Speaking of things one has to do, how about reading the latest Penny Dreadnought? It's only a buck for Kindle:

The Abominable Gentlemen build four worlds only to destroy them in this apocalypse-themed issue of Penny Dreadnought. Witness four unique visions of the end in:

“Precious Metal” by Aaron Polson
“Only the Lonely” by Iain Rowan
“The New Words” by Alan Ryker
“He” by James Everington



Bobbie Metevier said...

I just got a Kindle for Christmas . . . will make it more affordable for me to check out everyone's work.

House Eaters is first.

Now get to work, Aaron!


Cate Gardner said...

Goals are good and most of the time bloody necessary.

Anthony Rapino said...

Yes, goals are really important for a person like me. Without them, well, you know. ;-)

Aaron Polson said...

Bobbie - I hope you enjoy. I LOOOOVE my Kindle, and I was very, very resistant to begin with.

Cate - Blood necessary right now.

Tony - I do. I do...

Bobbie Metevier said...

The Kindle is not what I expected. It's warm and toasty and very personalized.

Still love books, but my Kindle has spoiled me. Don't want to actually lift anything heavy at the moment.

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

I seriously need a goal, too. Either that or a swift kick in the ass. Good luck with yours!

Lyn said...

Good reminder. Thanks, I need to write down mine as well! (Hey, if one of those story starts is steampunkish, I'm doing another antho this summer - "Steampunk Spirit" - and would like to invite you and Cate and Deb et al to submit later. :)

Aaron Polson said...

Bobbie - I never want to lift anything heavy every again. ;)

Cathy - Thanks--you too!

Lyn - Oooo... Steampunk. I'll have to get my (pardon the pun) gears turning. (I hurt myself sometimes...)