Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Measuring a Year

Aimee Ziegler, my first wife and mother of my children, took her life one year ago today.

These are facts. They are not the only facts which measure her life. One could count the years she coached basketball and soccer. One could number the students which graduated local high schools who benefited from the WRAP program Aimee helped found. One could account the millions of dollars WRAP brought into our community and schools. One could even count the runs she scored in local kickball games.

Each time I'm reminded life must come to an end--each time a loved one dies or an anniversary of a death arrives on the calendar--think of more than endings. I think of now and how precious it is. Lives shouldn't be measured with numbers. Lives shouldn't be measured at all. Lives are for living and loving and staggering blind through a land which is at times strange and scary but all the while littered with love and miracles.

Hug somebody today. Love hard today. Remember with grace and move forward with courage.



Donna said...

I remember reading your story, Aimee's story, the boys' story, last year, although it was a little later in the year. I read it with great sadness for what you lived through, for what Aimee battled for so long. It seemed to me to be much like a battle with Alzheimer's, continuing to love someone who is barely recognizable as the person you married. In a way, you were forced to watch that person be wrenched away from you and the boys in pieces, sometimes large, sometimes small, but always heart-breaking.

At the same time, my sweet sister was quietly reconfiguring her own life in search of better days. Sometimes, the universe finds a kind moment, as it did when your paths intersected. Not many people enter a relationship with ALL their cards, good and bad, on the table. Thank you for showing her a different way. Thank you for having so much room in a heart that has already shared and endured much. She is also an amazing soul, and I think together, your amazing-osity will grow exponentially. ;0)

Welcome to the family.

Aaron Polson said...

Thanks, Donna. You've rendered me speechless.

Cate Gardner said...

Hugs for the memories and for Aimee.