Saturday, July 28, 2012

Notes from the Field

I try to practice "being in the moment" especially when the moments are good. It's all too easy to keep thinking about the next moment, and the next, and next week, and going back to work, etc. instead of really attending to Now. Focusing on the present helps enhance special moments and builds intense memories. Focusing on the present helps make life good.

And it's been a good week--wonderful moments of cheek-aching smiles, laughter, lazy river rides, and getting lost only blocks from a destination.

Aimee was the first to bring "being in the moment" or "being in the now" to my attention--from Eckhart Tolle's seminal book, The Power of Now. She talked about "the moment" but struggled with it. Life pulls us in so many directions, little stressors yank and tug until our minds are splintered.

In fifteen minutes, I'll be riding the lazy river again... floating on an inner tube with the boys... laughing. While I'm there, I'll be there, truly there. Yes, I have to go back to work this week. Yes, there will be laundry to do at home. Yes, little things will pull away my attention as time passes. But there are moments of precious peace and presence. I'm going to enjoy every one of them and build memories.

I hope you find some of your own.

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Lauren: ) said...

Thanks for this reminder, Aaron! We are on vacation, and my need to have a plan sometimes makes the plans less fun! I'm going to try to be in the moment today! Enjoy the lazy river; )