Monday, June 18, 2012

Yesterday was Father's Day

And I spent it in Colorado with my sons. Owen, Max, and I climbed rocks for a beautiful waterfall view, played our third round of mini golf, and snapped photos of a bull elk outside our cabins.

Pictures forthcoming. I promise.

Many folks have already read the article in yesterday's Lawrence Journal-World, but for those who haven't, here's the link: Lawrence Father Recounts Wife's Eight Year Battle...

Thanks to Karrey Britt and Nick Krug for their professionalism and care in putting Aimee's story together.


Mary Rajotte said...

Thanks for sharing that article, Aaron. I'm happy to hear you had a lovely Father's Day with your boys <3

Barry Napier said...

Hope you had a good father's day.

Thanks for sharing this very personal glimpse into how things are going for you. Here's hoping for all the best for you and your boys.

James Everington said...

Powerful stuff - you're a stronger man than me Aaron. Take care mate.

Daniel Powell said...

Aaron, what an amazing article. I'm a little in awe of your strength in the face of such difficult circumstances.

Those boys are lucky to have you, to be sure.

I've enjoyed the recollections and memories you've posted on the blog in recent months, because they illustrate your relationship with your wife in such a genuine and heartfelt light.

To read the realities of what this form of psychosis does to a person just puts everything in perspective. I'm so sorry Aimee had to struggle with this condition, but I'm happy you two were able to create such a great family and that you had all those great times together.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, you are an unbelievable person to have the outlook that you have. So glad you have been able to enjoy your Fathers Day with your boys! Take care young man, you're setting a great example for them and others who may read your writing. Happy Fathers Day!!!
Sherrie Wright

Pamela Gold said...

The article was beautifully written. I didn't know the entire story until now. I have three sons of my own and know how difficult life can be. I myself suffered from postpartum depression and suicidal ideations and am now considered Bipolar as a result as I never got over the illness completely. Believe it or not, your story really does help others who are in the thick of it, to second guess what they are planning. Stay strong and Happy belated Father's Day.

Sara Vancil said...

Aaron, your story is so inspiring. I hope that all of us here in Lawrence can take the momentum these articles will give to the issue and propel it into some action.

Your sons have an amazing father, of that there is no doubt.

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Oh wow. The video, the photos, the story, everyything - just blew me away. I read it out loud to my husband and we cried together.
You are so strong, Aaron, and so very, very good.
All the best.

Unknown said...

Hi Aaron,
My name is Haley and I'm not sure if you will reemeber me. I met you the night of Aimee's visitation. I was one of the last to come through the line and I introduced myself. Aimee was my counselor and basketball coach at Free State 10 years ago. She helped me through a tough time and I will be forever thankful. I have suffered twice with PPD with both my girls and in some way feel a connection with Aimee.

I want to thank you for sharing her story, I hope that Lawrence and the community will do a better job at educating moms, instead of making this illness "hush hush illness".

I'm so proud of you---YOU are the true definition of what a husband and father is! Stay strong and hold your boys tight, it is through them, which Aimee will live on.

Much love, Haley

Sarah Hein said...

Aaron, I admire your bravery. Thank you for sharing your story. I know that it will help others.