Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eleven Years Ago

Today, Aimee and I would have been married for eleven years.

Eleven years ago today, in my room at the Holiday Inn, I dressed in a tuxedo. I drove with a carload of groomsmen to the bed and breakfast to pick up a key, and then on to the church. I stood in the sacristy and munched on Scooby Snacks. A lump clogged my throat as I watched Aimee walk the long center aisle of St. Pius the V Catholic Church. Words swam in my mouth as I recited our vows.

It was, simply, one of my best days on Earth.

Here are three of my favorite pictures from that day eleven years ago, each scanned and coated with a tiny bit of dust. Nothing passes time without a little wear.

Two of my best friends, Aaron Ouelette and Jason Wollenberg, while I'm "faith-healing" on the dance floor at the reception.God, I look so boyish.

We thought it would be a brilliant idea to have champagne poppers instead of seeds or bubbles. Damn those little gunpowder-propelled wads of paper propelled hurt like hell.

My favorite picture from that day--maybe from any day. Give me a million bucks, and I still won't tell you what I whispered in her ear.

Miss you, Aimee. Thanks for ten + years of adventure.


Mary Rajotte said...

So sweet, Aaron.

Michael Stone said...

You do look boyish, Aaron, and Aimee looks stunning. And I'd love to know what you whispered in her ear. She certainly looks amused!

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Enjoy the anniversary, Aaron. I'm so happy that you are celebrating what really does still need and deserve to be celebrated. Hugs!
Now go and eat cake... LOTS of cake!

Anonymous said...

Aaron, the two of you looked so young. I'm sure it all seems like it was just yesterday. I am sure Aimee is glad you are remembering her on this day! Happy Anniversary!
Sherrie Wright

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

So touching! You wrote that so simply but straight from the heart -brilliant! And it is still a great day for you to hang onto and remember with love! Happy Anniversary!

Anthony Rapino said...

So beautiful; you really know how to choke a guy up.

Sarah Hein said...

I was just talking about your wedding yesterday and didn't realize it was the actual anniversary. The daisies from your wedding favors are in perfect bloom right now at the front of our house. An annual reminder for me of your love.

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your it that? or is it just in your nature to write up what is going on in your head? Either way, this is excellent stuff and while you process what has happened to you, the rest of us are learning a lot. Thank you. I know Aimee would be proud.

Courtney Rundell said...

Thank you for keeping up the blog, Aaron, and sharing so openly your pain and healing. I have/had PP OCD and PP Depression and PP Mania (I'm bipolar 1) and it's been 10 months and I'm still trying to get back to normal. Your perspective keeps me going on dark days. I'm so sad for Aimee. And you. And the kids. Please keep writing. xoxo