Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shimmer 14

A pleasant, non-healthcare related distraction... Whew. I need one of those.

Shimmer #14 has been released to the wild, including:

Food My Father Feeds Me, Love My Husband Shows Me, by A. A. Balaskovits

Chinvat, by Sunny Moraine

Made of Mud, by Ari Goelman

This House was Never a Castle, by Aaron Polson

Minnow, by Carlea Holl-Jensen

Trashman, by A.C. Wise

We Make Tea, by Meryl Ferguson

Bad Moon Risen, by Eric Del Carlo

Some Letters for Ove Lindström, by Karin Tidbeck

Gödel Apparition Fugue, by Craig DeLancey

You can read Eric Del Carlo's piece, "Bad Moon Risen," free online. But I know you want a copy, don't you?

Well, don't you?


Anthony Rapino said...

Sweet! :-)

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Aaron! Shimmer's a great zine.

Cate Gardner said...

Ordered, ordered, ordered. Shimmer is the magazine to be seen in.