Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Long Live Serial Fiction

I'm writing about zombies.

Well, not exactly. I'm writing about people dealing with zombies and each other in a post-apocalyptic setting. I (almost) swore I never would, but, as Justin Bieber says, never say never.

Great Zeus, did I just reference Bieber?

I'll be releasing Dead Lands in three parts. If I still want to play in the world I've created, I have ideas for other books. 

Come back Friday for a the first chapter of the first installment, Pass the Ammunition. Until then, here's a teaser:

Back in high school, Mrs. Phelps made us do this little writing project about what kind of junk we’d grab if our house was on fire. She was an English teacher and older than both my folks put together. Even her wrinkles had wrinkles, but you won’t see anyone that old anymore. They can’t run fast enough. They can’t swing a bat or sledge hammer hard enough to crack a zombie’s skull. Most kids wrote down inane shit like family photos or their Chihuahua. I think I wrote about my brother’s Playboy collection. That was a different life.


Barry Napier said...

Must be somethign about Christmas that makes us think of zombies. I resurrected my end-of-world zombie novel a few days ago. It's a lot of fun but I find it hard to write about zombies without falling into the familiar themes.

Best of luck with yours!

Aaron Polson said...

True Barry, but I think authors worry more about tried and true tropes than some readers. Your story has to be about unique characters, and everything else will fall into place.

Good luck!

Lyn said...

Sounds fun - nice hook. Looking forward to reading more.