Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Editing Ninja Assassinates Myself

Okay, the pronoun myself is used and abused far too much.

Myself is NEVER used to replace I or me. Got it? It should only be used reflexively (I stabbed myself) or for emphasis (I told Mr. Polson myself).

Wrong: Myself and my son will go to the game on Saturday.

Right: My son and I will go to the game on Saturday.*

Wrong: She emailed Juan and myself.

Right: She emailed Juan and me.

*You should always mention yourself last. It pays to be humble.


K.C. Shaw said...

Preach it! TESTIFY!

I think the whole "Juan and myself" issue comes from people who never learned that "Juan and I" and "Juan and me" are both correct in different contexts, so they avoid what feels 'wrong' by making it totally wrong. Argh!

Lyn said...

Me, myself, and I agree.

Katey said...

B freaks out every time someone uses "myself". Even if it's used properly, he's just so sick of it being abused. I must show him this post immediately :D