Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Playing Games

I teach a drama class in disguise (it's called "interpretive reading"). We play games all the time. Drama games loosen the students' imaginations and break down acting barriers (nerves, inhibitions, etc.).  We invented (well, modified) one yesterday to mimic the outbreak of a disease which caused near-instantaneous death. They sure love death scenes.

Speaking of death, I've killed too many WIPs in the past few weeks. They aren't dead, per se, just resting. I blame it on one of my alter egos. My latest WIP has zombies. Zombies sell in the commercial market. Crazy, but true. They are the erotica of horror fiction.

Wait... Zombie erotica.  Now that's something special. (and icky) And I didn't even invent the idea.

Today's the last day to jump in the In the Memory House contest--and the last day for a free story should you buy (or have bought) the book and drop me a line at aaron.polson(at) 

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Kristi DeMeester said...

Zombie Erotica? I would be fearful of certain necessary body parts dropping off. Ick.