Monday, October 24, 2011

Coffin Hop Kick Off: Halloween Past

I'm excited about this week's Coffin Hop. Head over to the main site for a massive pile of other sites to visit. As many of you know, I'm running a contest for October, and all Coffin Hoppers are elligible to enter.

Today's challenge, ghouls and ghosties, is to name the band for which the artist who recorded the following song is most famous:

I know all it will take is a little poking around on the interweb, but hey, that's the beauty of the 21st century. I listened to the vinyl version of this song (and accomanying story) about a million times when I was a kid. Feed me, Seymour--and look what happened.

So you can enter by sending an email to aaron.polson(at) with the subject line "coffin hop". All those who submit correct answers will also be eligible for an electronic ARC of In the Memory House, my forthcoming not-exactly-haunted house novel.

Happy hopping!


Michelle Muto said...

It's a tough one, Aaron! Good choice.

Anthony Rapino said...

Good question! I sure as heck don't know the answer. :-p

Aaron Polson said...

Michelle, Tony - It's my favorite LP from a childhood gone bad.

Cate Gardner said...

I'm at work so I can't play the song :(

Anne Michaud said...

Wanda Jackson/Backstreet boys??

Am I right?? I totally googled that since I'm allergic to boys bands...

Happy Halloween and blog hopping:)