Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Now with words...

I'm posting to keep myself honest: for the past five days, I've wrenched myself from bed to write and averaged over a thousand words each day. Nothing groundbreaking, but this book isn't going to write itself.*

One of the characters, in fact the main character, is a young woman working on her PhD in psychology. Her area of study? Fear and anxiety.

There was nothing to fear. She was a God-damned expert.

But yet, in the quiet slumber of the house, a sound came to Kelsey. This sound crawled through the frame and walls, over the polished hardwood of the floors, and into the sheets and comforter on Kelsey’s bed. It whispered in her ears.

I’m here.

Come play with me.

Yes, ol' Aaron is writing about a house again. But this one isn't haunted--not in the traditional sense. Have I mentioned two cameramen follow our intrepid characters around? But this isn't a Ghost Hunters knock-off. Oh no. The cameras are more interested in the living. Sort of.

More soon. Take care.

*of course, now I'm away from home for a wedding, so we all no nothing will get done for the next several days. Sigh.


Mary Rajotte said...

I, too, am clearing the decks to attend a wedding. Plus it's a long weekend and we are tacking on an extra day off to go to the beach again. So 5 days of no writing. After a week off last week. ~twitches~

Happy to hear you are getting some words down!

Katey said...

That's an awesome per-day rate! I do hate when we get stuck with real life stuff that keeps us from it, but man, from the look of that excerpt, this one is gonna suck you right back in when you get home.

Fox Lee said...

Son of a whore, how am I going to sleep tonight? ; )

Anthony Rapino said...

GO, Aaron, Go! I've been pulling the words out of myself like infected stitches.

Danielle Birch said...

Oh, yes, that sounds brilliant!

Cindy Little said...

Sounds great!