Friday, July 29, 2011

No Kids Movement?

I hadn't heard of such a thing, but read this article the other day. Go on--be surprised and shocked.

Maybe I'm insulated because we do have kids and seem to only go places where other kids abound, but come on people. They're children!

In the comments (and no, I didn't read all ten billion of them), I noticed a number of folks spouting about how parents need to do a better job "controlling" their kids.

Control is such an illusion, folks. If I've learned one lesson in a dozen years as a teacher, it's that.

Control is an illusion.



Barry Napier said...

In terms of the "control" issue, I direct you to what the mastermind that is Louis CK has to say on the matter (the 2:40 mark on in particular):

Erin Cole said...

I love Louis CK, and Cosby.

Our society is very hard on parents.

Daniel Powell said...

What a bunch of kidless douchebags. Seriously, how can anyone seriously have a problem with children.

They're children! Little developing human beings. I got one in the other room fighting her nap like a ninja warrior as I write this, and I wouldn't spend a dime, ever, at any place that would say kids can't be around.


Katey said...

I prefer kids to adults. Adults are so f#@king boring.

I do often feel bad for kids whose parents drag them to places where they're quite obviously bored or freaked out or otherwise inclined to cause a ruckus. Like, I don't know, one year olds on a plane to India who scream the whole way. You can't explain what's happening to a one year old. There's just no way. And their poor little ears popping like that :/

So yeah, I'm totally guilty of judging parents. But be honest, we all do it. There's just a point at which it becomes an imposition kind of judgment as opposed to internal snark.

Hell, I want to scream the whole way too, kid. Don't blame you. That's why I brought noise cancelling headphones.

I love how everything thinks that the way they live their lives is how everyone else should live theirs. WTF.

Angie said...

That's sad. I guess I can see their point of view, but still... I wouldn't give my business to those places, even if I came without my kids. And, yeah, I love to go out without my kids. But I love to take them places too. Not like they should be locked up in the house all the time. Okay, I'll stop now.

Aaron Polson said...

Right on the money, Barry.

Erin - As if kids aren't hard enough on parents. ;)

Daniel - I like that--"fighting her nap like a ninja warrior". Sounds familiar.

Katey - Exactly. I try to be a smart parent. No, the kid doesn't want to clothing shop for the next five hours...

Angie - I get it, too, but it's the extreme of banning kids altogether which seems, well, overboard. Like none of these folks were ever children. Sometimes I wonder.

Mercedes said...

This is especially sensitive for me because my son has special needs and an extremely high anxiety level. While we limit where we go, he still deserves to go out with the rest of society. How else is he supposed to learn proper behavior?

But that's not why I dropped by. I dropped by to give you this link which has an AWESOME review of "Wanting It". I totally agree that it's a fantastic story.

Aaron Polson said...

You bet he does. ;)

(and thanks for the review link)