Tuesday, December 15, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Okay, aside from the obvious (or should be obvious)...my family, job, etc.

1. Even though my beloved Chiefs suck this year (um, for the last four years), I'm taking Owen to his first game on Sunday. I guess I should say "because" they suck this year, I'm taking him to the game. When your team is 3-10, playing another squad at 2-11 (the Cleveland Browns), you can pick up pretty good seats for 10 bucks on eBay. Just sayin'.

2. Running a small potatoes publishing outfit is a boat-load of work, but you (sometimes) receive submissions from authors that make you squee. I found just such a sub for 52 Stitches in my inbox this morning, and I'm honored every time a writer I respect chooses us as a venue. By the way: only five slots open for the 2010 line up. (nudge, nudge)

3. The forthcoming twelve consecutive days off. I check out of school at 1:45 next Tuesday and don't come back until the 4th of January. Finals get to all of us. Praise be to Zeus.

There's more, of course...these just seemed extra poignant this morning. Hope you find much that rocks your world today.

(Oh yeah, I posted the first recommendation over at Skull Salad yesterday. I've been meaning to write up a bit about Michael Stone's Fourtold...so I finally did.)


Anonymous said...

"Hope you find much that rocks your world today."

Loved that line. Today I'm peeling my eyes and expecting my world to be rocked. :D


Cate Gardner said...

Ooh, all excited now to find out who made you squee. I envy your Christmas holidays, I have Dec 24th-Dec 28th off and I want more. :D

Jeremy D Brooks said...

I think that's a good sign that you get enough quality subs to fill all (I assume) 52 slots a year out.

I should probably put a flash piece on my 2010 to-do. Never been there.

Michael Stone said...

I can't wait to see the TOC for 52 Stitches #2. Volume one was a classy act.

And thanks again for the Fourtold review. I'm still grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Can't wait to see 52 next year, hell I can't wait to read it. :)

Aaron Polson said...

Mercedes - "peeling my eyes"...a delightful image.

Cate - Let's just say this particular author had a reprint in Datlow's Years Best. And I'd love to send you a day or two, but I don't think that will work. ;)

Jeremy - I've been patient with subs this year. A lot of folks think they can write flash, and just end up sending a summary of a story. Not the same thing, obviously.

Aaron Polson said...

Michael - My pleasure. #2 should be even more delightful.

Jamie - (see above) ;)

Fox Lee said...

Finals cram the BORDERS I like with students. They use a MILLION tables each. Can I kick them in the shins?

Katey said...

OMG first football game! That is just brilliant, please let us know how it goes. I squealed like an over-sentimental little girl--

Oh wait. I am.


Really, all of these excited me, the second one for my own selfish reasons, the last one because I know how it feels, as my husband is about to do much the same thing. Enjoy!

Elana Johnson said...

I hear you on the extended vacation. Getting up and coming to work today was hard. Merry Christmas!

Aaron Polson said...

Natalie - please do. If you can, record their responses on hidden camera.

Katey - He'll love it (I hope). Check the post on Monday.

Elana - Enjoy your break as well. A Merry Christmas to all.

Danielle Birch said...

I have two weeks off as well. Can't wait.

Aaron Polson said...

Enjoy the time, Danielle. I will.