Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WIP Wednesday: District 9 was Awesome Edition

District 9. Amazing. That's about as much as I can say without spoilers. I've waited for a movie like this for a long time. Smart, action-packed, equal parts empathy and revulsion for the main character...a film that doesn't talk down to the audience or assume I'm a simpering, popcorn-brained adolescent.


Anyway, back to my mediocre WIP. Le Sigh.

What happens when you are 48K into a book and think you need to change the POV? Do I continue with the new POV (3rd person limited) or finish in the 1st person? Le Sigh2

Regardless, I added a nice chunk of words last week, more than I did during the summer. How does this happen when I'm back working full time? Ask the magic 8 ball 'cause I don't know. Maybe I work better under pressure/with limited time and resources.

Either way, I'm gearing up for the action-packed, blood and guts finale. My main character is about to go a little ga-ga too, hence the need for a POV change. Maybe it still works. Maybe I just need to finish the damn thing.

My mistake was too evident now, too obvious. Men like us—we possessed no reason to be in that darkest part of the woods, trapped at the whim of a madman, waiting to learn our fate. Curt spoke like a logical man, but an uneasiness grew in the darkness of my heart like a fungus—knowledge that neither Curt or Dr. Scheller lived under the same laws as the rest of humanity.


Jamie Eyberg said...

That was the problem with my last book. I re-wrote it 3 times from a different POV each time. I am sure you will get it right.

K.C. Shaw said...

You might go back and rewrite one scene in third to see how it flows. I don't think I've ever changed the POV in any story I've ever written, so I'm not sure how I'd do it.

Michael Stone said...

I've changed a novel from 1st person to 3rd, and you wouldn't believe the work involved. I figured it would just be swapping I for he and my for his, but the result read like the author's voice was intruding all over the place. Le sigh, indeed.

Good luck with it, whichever way you jump.

Rebecca Nazar said...

Nice to know about District 9. I'm running out of Battlestar Galactica episodes (yes, the new series) . . . dark days ahead.

Cate Gardner said...

My brother was raving about District 9 last weekend, I can't wait to see it.

I've changed POV's when I'm starting out, never later. I'm sure you'll work it out.

Elana Johnson said...

I've heard nothing but good things about District 9. And I hear you on getting more done with less time. It makes no sense, but I'm doing it too!

Fox Lee said...

That's a tough one. I would finish it as is, then decide. There's a chance you can keep the same POV and not have to rewrite the first part!

Danielle Birch said...

I started writing a book in 1st person once but changed to 3rd person and rewrote the first 6 chapters. Since then I've always written in 3rd person. But in saying that, I enjoy books written in 1st person. I you just have to go with your gut feeling on what feels right for the story.

Aaron Polson said...

Jamie - I couldn't survive a 3x rewrite. Yikes

K.C. - That is really a good idea. It would give me a sense of the thing, at least.

Mike - I wouldn't want my wimpy little voice stomping on anyone.

Rebecca - District 9 was money well spent.

Cate - You'll love it. It was soooo nice watching something that not only involved sweet sci-fi, but took place somewhere other than the usual fare.

Elana - Huzzah for us!

Natalie - I think that's probably the best plan. Sometimes I just get a little jumpy with these things.

Danielle - I think my biggest problem (if it's a problem) is that I was muddling through a section of too much dialogue, not enough action.

Unknown said...

POV is definetely not my specialty.

I can't wait to see District 9.

For a while I was telling everyone that I couldn't wait to see Sector 19 and nobody knew what the hell I was talking about.

Katey said...

I cannot wait to see District 9 this weekend! Eeee!

I've had to change PoV after writing a lot before, and while it's a pain, it made me feel really good when it was done. But there have also been times when I've thought I should change and said, "Ah, just finish it!" and ended up just needing to present the scene differently, if that makes sense.

Let us know what happens, though. These kinds of problems are with us every friggin day, god knows :/

Benjamin Solah said...

I loved District 9!

Don't like changing POV too much though... maybe it's because I'm so scared that I'll confuse people.

BT said...

Layers, mate. If you think you have too much dialogue, don't sweat it. Go back later and add in some narrative to even it out.

As you've already said and a few have pointed out - finish what you've started and worry about it after - that's what first drafts are for.