Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Now My Fingernails Can Grow Back

Just as I don't blog about rejection much anymore, I usually don't write about acceptances. But, there are always exceptions.

I received word yesterday from R. Scott McCoy that "The Distillery" was accepted for Necrotic Tissue (#10, April 2010). Whew. I subbed that bad boy on the first day possible (July 1st) and nibbled my poor digits to bloody nubs ever since receiving the "short list" notification. Necrotic Tissue has become a very competitive market--I landed my first sale with them back in April of '08 and failed to replicate that success since. So whew.

And most importantly, thanks to those out there who helped make "The Distillery" as horrid as possible. A big, wet spinal-pop to you all. No one can do this writing thing without huge support from awesome peers. Like I wrote yesterday, some of the nicest folks I know are horror writers.

Cheers, all.


K.C. Shaw said...

Woohoo!! Congrats! You definitely need to celebrate at least a little bit today.

Alan W. Davidson said...

KC is right. Celebrate, at least for the day, you have earned it!

Barry Napier said...

Congrats! I fear I may never make it into NT as my writing seems to become less and less morbid with the passing of each week...

Aaron Polson said...

K.C. - thanks, I am taking the boys to an art museum...is that a celebration?

Alan - thanks!

Barry - again, thanks. Your comment made me chuckle a little...only one who has written horror would "fear...my writing seems to become less and less morbid..."

Brendan P. Myers said...

I can't say enough good things about the folks at Necrotic Tissue. Most sincere congratulations.

Rebecca Nazar said...

Congrats! Now go get a manicure to celebrate. ;-)

Cate Gardner said...

Woot, woot, woot, woot, woot! And I've noticed you're restraint in reporting acceptances.

Aaron Polson said...

Thanks, Brendan.

Rebecca - that actually might be torture...for the manicurist.

Cate - I've been taking pills. (and thanks)

Jamie Eyberg said...

Woot to you Mr. Polson. a well deserved and very loud WOOT!

Katey said...

I saw your name pop up on duotrope and got excited-- congrats, man! That tiny little 100 word bite of mine will be in that one too. I'm even more stoked, knowing I'll be in stellar company.

Right, I totally didn't mean to make this awesome post about me. You know I'm excitable though, and ToC sharing is cool.

Fox Lee said...

Hamster dance!

Aaron Polson said...

Thanks, Jamie.

Katey - Rawk On! TOC sharing is fun (we've done this before, right?)

Natalie - ;)

Elana Johnson said...

Congratulations! I'm sure your nails are very happy. ;)

Jameson T. Caine said...

Yesterday, while perusing duotrope:

Me: "Hey! Aaron got an acceptance from necrotic Tissue!"

Wife: "Who got what?"

Me: "Aaron. He got a story accepted into Necrotic Tissue."

Wife: "Who is Aaron?"

Me: "A member of my writing group."

Wife: "Ah. He got accepted where?"

Me: "Necrotic Tissue. It's a slick, well done paying market."

Wife: "Paying? Did you sub there?"

Me: "Don't ask."

Anyway, WOOT!! Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! NT has turned me down about a zillion times, now. Just ask Natalie. Wear your t-shirt with pride, if they're still doing them. :D


Aaron Polson said...

Elana - thanks, they are happy...what's left of them.

Jameson - Thanks, man. My wife: What's the story about.

Me: You don't want to know.

My wife: You're probably right. G'night.

Mercedes - thanks. I scored a t-shirt in the early days. I think they're done with that now.

Danielle Birch said...

Well done! Fantastic news.

Aaron Polson said...

Thanks, Danielle.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

That is really, really cool...congrats!