Friday, August 14, 2009

Night School

He starts his work with an ax, smashing the safety glass until all that hangs from the black filaments are fragments that sparkle red beneath the lighted exit sign. He enters the room and pushes the desks together. With a little effort, the bookcase falls with a heavy thump and scattering of paperbacks, echoing in the hall. He pauses and listens, but surely no one else could be in the building.

He pries the name tag from the door, feels the rough, raised letters, and laughs silently at the sound of the name: Feldspar. He casts the plastic strip onto the pile of furniture.

Next, the gasoline from the hallway. It’s an old can, a metal can, a hand-me-down from his father. He douses the desks, the fallen shelves, and the wounded books. He shakes the can to chase free the last drops.

The can drops to the tiled hallway floor with an empty thunk. He fishes through his pockets, sure he had a lighter, but it’s gone missing.

A hand taps him on the shoulder, and the man turns in the darkness, surprised to see a fifteen-year-old face washed in the pale red of the exit sign. The other boys wear masks and carry plastic canisters.

The boy holds out a hand. “Need a light, Mr. Feldspar?”


Yeah. I'm at school is the first day of "meetings". I'm sure you can guess the inspiration for that little tale.


K.C. Shaw said...

I love this story more than anything you've ever written, I think. Thanks for posting it. :)

Alan W. Davidson said...

I enjoyed the story as well. It really tells of your enthusiasm at being back in school. Well done, Feldspar...umm, I mean Mr. Polson

Barry Napier said...

I dig stories that start out with active sentences like that. well done!

Jamie Eyberg said...

I was just wondering how well researched that story was. You seem to be pretty handy with an ax.

Jamie Eyberg said...
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Katey said...

You have most certainly mastered the concept of saying much with very little. Fabulous hints, wonderful action. Have I mentioned how I love Fridays, now?

(I should send this to my parents and brother, who are in own their little meetings right NOW...)

Cate Gardner said...

So you're happy to be back at work then? :D

Fox Lee said...

It's nice when kids help their elders : )

Aaron Polson said...

Thanks for reading folks. I survived the meetings...bring on the students!