Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm sure this one has been around for quite a while. With the school year amping up in a few days, I appreciate the cheeseball gothness of it all. Reminds me of some of my "self-loathing" students.

(note to self: invest in black eye make-up and hair dye; it's going to be a long school year)

Create your own goth poem: http://www.deadlounge.com/poetry/

Around, all around, the sinister creatures gather.
My dread grows as the headsman's axe falls
against my eyes.
It mutilates me, and darkly
my life's blood
drips to the thirsty earth.
In a haze of shock I flail madly
while my doom looms.
Now alone, my cascade of tears falls upon
darkened eyes.

This is because of you [dear reader].

(that list bit was me) Peace

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