Friday, August 15, 2008

Ubiquitous? Me?

From the Whispers of Wickedness discussion board:

"Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #24 is out now...the ubiquitous Aaron Polson writes a scary little story of a little metal man..."

I've been called many things in life; never ubiquitous. Even before I read this post, I was feeling a little overexposed. I think it's time to head to that shack in the Ozarks and write the great American novel.

The story in Theaker's, "The Brass Menagerie", was fun to write. PDF downloads of Theaker's are available for free.

One of my very first short stories (a piece based on *ahem* actual events) is up at Yellow Mama--"Adopting Julie". I always thought Julie was a people name.

Soon: a "review" of Mr. Lansdale's collection, High Cotton. (I just finished and need a couple of days to process...whew)


Natalie L. Sin said...


Stephen said...

Hi Aaron - I was going on how often your name appears on Duotrope's weekly digest! You must be working really hard...

Aaron Polson said...

Stephen - I'm trying to do that whole "write every day" thing. I took ubiquitous as a compliment. ;)