Friday, May 18, 2012

Big Things, Little Things

A van from Nebraska Furniture Mart delivered what has come to be known as "the big brown couch" yesterday. Back in early March, Aimee, the boys, our good friend John and I spent a day at NFM shopping for just the right furniture for our remodeled basement.

Aimee said, "I want a couch we can all sit on together." The picture can't do this leviathan justice:

The forced perspective (I had to stand on the stairs to capture the whole monster) makes the ottoman look tiny--it isn't. The couch measures 11' x 8'. Yes, it's huge. A true mammoth. In Max's words, "Thank goodness it comes in pieces." Yes, Max. Thank goodness.

I had a moment of pause when I first sat on the couch. Aimee's words came to me--"I want a couch we can all sit on together."

Yesterday, I cleaned my classroom and found some CDs which I'd stashed in my desk years ago. One of them was Under the Table and Dreaming by Dave Matthews Band. Aimee and I went to a DMB concert back in '99. I still remember what she wore. I listened on the way home while Max munched a fruit by the foot and napped.

These little moments give me pause, a little lump in my throat. Despite the sadness, I've learned to be thankful for good memories. I'm so thankful for all the wonderful memories I shared with Aimee.

*yes, the walls do look bare. I've ordered several vintage movie posters to frame and hang about the room... Clockwork Orange, Vertigo, Star Wars (that one's for me and the boys), The Haunting (1963), The Black Cat (1934)... It'll be good.


Daniel Powell said...


I predict some good times for you and the boys on that big, burly bastard. Update the pic, if you would, when the posters go up.

I can't imagine how these things pile up for you, Aaron. Life is an echo chamber, and it can't be easy seeing Aimee in so many places. But I'm so thankful to see your optimism and love for your family shining through in these posts.

Take care, brother...

Lane said...

Eating, sleeping, watching TV, and especially JUMPING....that massive couch is a kid's dream!

Katey said...

I love those couches--and with that list of posters... oh yes. Yes, it will be good.

Thanks for sharing your moment with us, Aaron <3

Emily Suess said...

I'm brand new to your blog, so I don't have all the bits of your story yet. My comment might seem awkward or superficial because of that...

That is the coziest couch I have ever seen! WANT!

I came to you because Johann Thorsson recommended you as a writer. (I'm being introduced to new people via my Facebook page.) Wanted to say hello and let you know I'm adding your blog to my reader.

Anonymous said...


When I mentioned Aaron to you Emily, I had no idea about the deep sorrow currently in his life; I just remembered him as a good author with an interesting blog.

I agree with Emily; I worry that my comment will seem superficial.

I am sorry to hear of your loss; hold on to the memories and stay strong.

Amanda C. Davis said...

These are important stories, Aaron. I'm so grateful you're telling them.

Aaron Polson said...

Daniel - starting tonight with movie night. ;)

Katey - I'm especially stoked for The Haunting. There's no text on that one... :D (

Lane - there will be jumping. Oh yes.

Emily/Johann - no worries, no worries at all. Take care!

Cheers, Amanda.

Lane said...

Might need to wear a helmet so you don't bump your head on the ceiling. :O

Paula RC said...

It's so good that you have a well of happiness to draw from, my dear friend.

Blessing to you and your new sofa.

Kelli said...

That thing looks very comfy! A little over a year ago, we purchased a huge, brown, leather couch from NFM. It's in our downstairs family room...and let me tell you, it's perfect for falling asleep on. Thank you for sharing this story. I am truly sorrowful that Aimee is not here to enjoy the couch with you and the boys. That makes me very sad. The room is going to look even more awesome with the walls decorated.

P.S. I love DMB!

Alan W. Davidson said...

Thanks for sharing these little moments of pause, Aaron. I'm sure that you and the boys will have many more good memories lounging on that monster.

Vintage posters...may I suggest Metropolis. Robots are cool...