Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20, or "That Holiday"

If you don't know about 4/20, I'll steer you to a rather "weasel-word" free article at Wikipedia.

This is a quickie from my Aimee files:

Once, while working as a WRAP social worker at Free State High School, Aimee spoke with an intoxicated student in her office on April 20th. The kid's rationale for showing up to school drunk rather stoned (as one who would celebrate 4/20 might be expected to celebrate)?

"I was afraid I'd get in trouble for being high at school."

Right. Good thinking kid. Drunk was a much better choice.

She proceeded to vomit in the middle of Aimee's office.

We had some laughs about that one. Big, hearty laughs.


Lauren: ) said...

Ha ha ha; ) I can totally picture all of this! Thank you for sharing!

Aaron Polson said...

It was probably one of your classmates... ;)

Jeremy D Brooks said...

LOL...holy shit. I hate to admit it, but yeah...I was that guy in school.

Aaron Polson said...

Jeremy - Even today, kids would rather show up drunk than stoned. I guess it's a "perception of badness" thing. (Like booze isn't all that bad because...) ;)

Anthony Rapino said...

Oh, man. Must have really harshed her buzz. ;-)

Teaching in college, I can't pass up the opportunity to jokingly threaten my students with random "red-eye" checks.

Every now and then you catch a student look *really* worried.

speedy said...

I'm sure I sat in your class a little tipsy a time or two. Haha