Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins... Er, My WIP

Jarmara Falconer was kind enough to take me to different place with this meme. I'm terrible about tagging others, but I don't mind sharing 7 lines starting at line 7 from page 77...

From Badlands:

...including the couple walking on the other side of the lot, until he slammed the passenger door shut. He pressed his sweaty palms against his jeans. 
The couple, a man and woman in their mid-forties, had stopped to watch. 
Ryan took a breath. 
The woman tugged on the man’s arm. The man didn’t move, his eyes fixed on Ryan. 
“Had too much to drink,” Ryan said. 
“Is she okay?” 

No, she isn't. And Ryan isn't either, but I haven't sorted that end yet. 

I'm terrible about tagging others, so let's just say the seven dwarves are on my list. Go!


Anthony Rapino said...
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Anthony Rapino said...

Nice lines.

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather passing, Aaron. I'm also very sorry about all the trouble you've had with Amazon. I hope it gets sorted.

Mark K said...

My condolences to you Aaron. A loss of a loved one is never an easy period to deal with, regardless of how prepared we believe ourselves to be for the event.

As for the Amazon thing, well, I can't really comment as I've no experience on that matter, but I've every confidence that you'll bounce back, more resilient than ever.


Mark K