Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Editing Ninja: Whose versus Who's

The apostrophe causes problems with these two homophones.
Whose is a possessive pronoun.

Incorrect: Who’s car is this?

Correct: Whose car is this?

Who’s is the contraction of who and is. Again, the apostrophe (like with it’s) indicates the omission of a letter.

Incorrect: Whose on first using who’s glove?

Correct: Who’s on first using whose glove?

Simple, right?  And now you can steal from the Editing Ninja's arsenal in one handy digital package:

(Isn't he cute?)


Cate Gardner said...

Aw, cute little ninja :D

Aaron Polson said...

Isn't he, though?

Lyn said...

Love it, wish I would have thought of it myself. Collect them all and become the next Grammar Girl. :)

S. Williams said...

Left a review on Amazon for this. wife and I share Amazon account, you’ll see what I mean.