Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Question Friday: James Everington

Five questions with James Everington:

What is the hardest part of being a writer?
It's all quite easy apart from the damn words...

What is on the floor of your bedroom?
My lazy cat, normally.

What is your favorite kind of cheese?
A proper Cropwell Bishop Stilton

If you couldn't write, how would you spend the time you now use for writing?
Bitching about writers, probably.

What is your perfect Sunday?

Coffee & fry up
Write for the length of time it takes to play She Hangs Brightly by Mazzy Star, Giant Steps by The Boo Radleys, and Highway 61 by Bob Dylan
Coffee and sit outside reading good book
Start cooking curry from scratch
Drink nice Bitter for majority of lengthy curry cooking and eating process


Bradley Convissar said...

Damn British... I didn't understand half of what he said

James Everington said...

Dunno what that bloody Yank's wittering on about...

Thanks Aaron

Angie said...

Interesting answers. I enjoyed that. Thanks!