Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yes, It's True: I am WIPing

My writing has come in "fits and spurts" this summer, but I am writing. I promise.

I've put my two longer projects (filed under "Secret Project Q" and "Secret Project W") for the time being, and am trying to finish a short I started at the beginning of the summer.

From "Story Set in Tibet Without a Name":

The passenger door squeaks as Dr. Stenner opens it and hops to the ground. He pulls the fur-lined neck of his coat closer to his chin. Bataar watches from the driver’s seat.

“Are you getting out?”

“Yes. Sorry.” Bataar pulls his hands away from the wheel. He is not only the American’s driver, but his translator as well. Uncle Chulunn has little English, and Bataar knows he’s needed. His boots crunch the hard steppe ground. The wind bites his cheeks. “This is my uncle’s place,” he says.

And good ol' Uncle Chuluun has some really "special" tapestries hanging on the walls of his yurt.

I'm also WIPing this in my basement, but it isn't writing:


Simon Kewin said...

I'm liking the writing WIP. The basement stuff, not so much.

Fox Lee said...

Toilet repair is more horrifying than anything anyone will ever write : P

Cate Gardner said...

Yurt is a wonderful word. I could play with that word all day.