Saturday, June 25, 2011

When Do I Go Back to Earth?

No, I'm not referencing the wild ride We are the Monsters has been on this week. I'm not referencing the Dirty Duo race (ending in 40 feet of mud) this morning or Brandon Bell's lovely offer to "Aaron Polson Fans" (check it out). Wait--I have fans?

I'm talking about the insanity in my house, the utter chaos of home remodeling coupled with recovery from a lightning strike at our neighbor's place. Our beloved desktop computer (the one I use for 90% of my work) is toast. I have unfinished walls in half the basement and bare studs in the other half. Our bathroom counter top (special order) arrived, but we still don't have the special order vanity.


I just wanted to say "hi" to the blogosphere before putting on my gloves and getting back to work.



James Everington said...

Hi back.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Hi, back at ya.

The lightnight strike story was shocking (sorry). Congrats again on the massive WATM download.

Katey said...

You definitely have fans.

And yes. Hi :D