Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If I Only Wrote One Story...

If I could only keep one story, which would it be? Which one best exemplifies my "style"? What about you, if you are a writer? Which story, novel, play, poem, etc. best represents you?

I think I'd go with "The World in Rubber, Soft and Malleable"--mostly because I hope, hope, I'd make the same choice as the protagonist.* But there are other stories I love, too many to hold in one hand.

"Wanting It" from Shock Totem 3 is a love letter (okay, a sorrowful love letter) to my childhood.

"The Weight of Children's Stories" from Midnight Echo 5 chilled me as I wrote.

Plenty more...

But if I only had one, it would be "The World in Rubber, Soft and Malleable". Aqueous has released The Saints are Dead, including a shiny, spiffed-up version of the story.

You can still read the "old" version online at A Fly in Amber. Or, if you want the shined-up story with sixteen others, this is for you:

*I'm just not that good with spray paint.


Tony said...

Another book? Damn, man, you are on fire! :-)

I don't think I could pick any one story that exemplified my style. they're all a little different, and I like different ones for different reasons. Also, i tend to like the newer ones that I'm working on the best, whatever they may be.

Aaron Polson said...

Tony - This is a "legitimate" book (i.e., from a publisher). I do like most of my newer stuff best, too.

Katey said...

I *wish* I was that good with spraypaint. That's surely a winner, though.

Cate Gardner said...

If I could only keep one of your stories it would be The World in Rubber. I still adore that story.

Of my own, my favourite is 'Empty Box Motel' though I should probably pick something more nonsensical.

Fox Lee said...

That is a beautiful cover. As for me, I would probably pick "Ocean." It's not edited, or published, but I think it reflects my voice and my ambitions as a writer.

craighallam said...

Oh man, I have no idea. I'm my own harshest critic. I can always pick something apart from what I've written. I've just done a new one though, that I'm pretty happy with stylistically and character-wise. If I can get it published somewhere, it might tip me in its direction.

Otherwise, I think someone else would have to tell me which of my own stories is quintessential Craig.

That's terrible isn't it? hahaha

Kara McElhinny said...

Wait, can we edit and edit and edit again? Bc if we could, I'd keep my first novel and edit it until it was smooth like butter.

Very nice on the new publishment!