Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Question Friday: Rachel Howzell

Five questions with Rachel Howzell...

Which is scarier, zombies or vampires? Why?

Zombies, definitely. Sure, they're slow (well, Romero's zombies are slow) but there are a LOT of them. And they're hard to kill and they can cross oceans and not die and they just keep coming and when they catch you, you become one of them and they're ugly and that's just wack. Vampires are scary but books and movies tell me I'll be more desirable and talk in whispers and get to fly and sparkle. And today's vampire gets to stay in the light unlike Bram Stoker's stuffy-old vamps.

What three things are always in your refrigerator?

Turkey bacon, always turkey bacon and not just any turkey bacon but Oscar Meyer. Butter, never margarine. Bread--sourdough, wheat or those addictive Hawaiian bread rolls. Stick some turkey bacon between those Hawaiian rolls and you have a perfect snack.

Cats or dogs? Why?

I have both but I must say 'cats.' My personality is similar to a cat's. I'll come around when I need something but leave me alone otherwise. Cats don't need constant attention, 'please love me, please pet me, let me love you' thing that dogs possess. And dogs smell. Well, cats smell -- litter boxes are just, wow, but since cats never get wet, you don't have that 'wet cat' stink wafting in your living room.

What subject was the hardest for you in school?

Math. Ask me to tell you the capital of North Dakota, or when the Battle of Tonkin began, or even why manholes are round, and I'm cool like dat. Ask me what the square root of 9 is and I'll shriek and run into a corner and tuck myself into a tight armadillo ball, whispering 'make it go away,' over and over... I can do math but I hate it. It was the only subject that I got less than a B in and I'm shaking just remembering that report card.

True story: in college, I had to take a required math class. So, I enrolled in "Earthquakes and You." (Really. That was the class.) My boyfriend at the time was an Econ major and I was an English Lit major. He did the math stuff and I did the writing. It was a good deal -- at least that part was. He was a jerk in other ways but that's a different question on a different survey.
Oh, and don't cheat like that, kids. It's, um... bad.

What items do you always have with you?

I ALWAYS have a pen, lip balm and my driver's license. So when I am turned into a zombie, I can write about it, my lips will be supple and won't crack as I eat BRAINS, and I can drive an abandoned Corolla without fear of being pulled over and ticketed for driving without a license.


Daniel Powell said...

Mmmm! Uppercase brains (ahhhhhh....!)...

Paula RC said...

I'm with you. Zombie are scary but boring with it.

You posting made me laugh; lip balm...pretty neat!

Rachel Howzell Hall said...

Thanks for a chance to share, Aaron!