Monday, December 6, 2010

Weird and Creeepy Shopping List

As promised, I bring you a small shopping list for the weird reader on your list. (click on the images for purchasing info)

Yes, it may seem a little self-serving (being a Strange Publications book and all), but Cate's collection is wonderful. Check out and read the reviews.

I'm a big fan of just about everything Kim Paffenroth has written. If you haven't taken a peek at Valley of the Dead yet, you should grab a copy (or buy two and send one to a loved one). Smart horror, folks.

When I was seven, my sister gave me one of the best gifts she could: a subscription to the Star Wars comic book (then produced by Marvel). How about giving that fantasy lover a subscription to a nice small press mag like Shimmer?

Or, for the horror fan on your list, a subscription to Necrotic Tissue, a magazine which never fails to entertain.

Okay, so some people like poetry. Some people like their poetry weird (and somewhat dark). Stuff A Mouth for Picket Fences by Barry Napier in their stocking.

I'll wrap up with a gift which never fails to put a smile on my face: old EC comics from the '50s. Reprints (and some originals) are readily available on eBay. You might even snag one of the increasingly rare hardcover reprints.

What reading material do you plan on buying for the ghouls on your holiday list?


Cate Gardner said...

Apart from the comics and Kim's book, I have everything on that list so I guess Kim's book is added to my shopping list.

Barry Napier said...

Thanks for the plug and ending that final statement with "in the stocking" rather than "up your ass".

Aaron Polson said...

Cate - I have far too many old Haunt of Fear and Tales from the Crypt reprints.

Barry - I must nibble poems one or two at a time, but I'm working through Picket Fences...delightful word play.

Anonymous said...

More of a "Nightmare Before Christmas" shopping list ;)

Danielle Birch said...

Some great holiday reading there :)

Katey said...

Oh, hell of a list, Aaron! good point about the comics, too... Mmmmm. My favorite :D

Lee Thompson/Thomas Morgan/James Logan/Julian Vaughn said...

Great list, man! I'm reading Cate's collection now and love the stories. She's got mad skills.

Aaron Polson said...

What better nightmare to have, Milo?

Cheers, Danielle.

Katey - I wouldn't be who I am without comics. I still remember buying a reprint of Weird Fantasy back in '85. I remember peeling back the cover, the garish illustrations of astronauts melting under extreme radiation...ah, those were the days.

Lee - Cate has a definite voice. I don't think I've ever heard her "real" voice, but I can when I read her stuff.

Katey said...

I wouldn't be who I am without them either--except I was reading Amazing Spider-Man. Still, that's some serious radioactive shit :D