Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WIP Wednesday: The First Day of School

Yes, the first day of school. I have plenty of WIP action on a little something I'm calling We're All Liars Here, but today it's all business. At least until 1 PM (early release). Pray my voice holds out that long.

I'll post some snippets later. Right now, I need to brace for the third wave.

image from: myartspace>blog


Barry Napier said...

That picture looks like one of the illustrations from a KMFDM cover. Very cool.

Have fun teaching!

Fox Lee said...

God speed, sir!

Katey said...

Hey, that IS very KMFDM. Nice!

Hope it went well for you--the kids, well, they'll only have themselves to blame. :D

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

First day of school - ARRRRGGGGHHHH!
My pity to you.

Anthony Rapino said...

Yeah...I start teaching at community college on the 23rd. Only four more days. It'll be the first I've taught in 3 years; I'm pretty nervous.