Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who's on the Dream Team?

The EIC over at Aqueous Books (publisher of my forthcoming short story collection, The Saints are Dead) asked for a list of authors I'd like her to query for blurbs.


How about Neil Gaiman, Ray Bradbury, and if it isn't too much trouble, raise Mary Shelley from the dead and land her thumbs up, too.

Kidding, of course.

In all seriousness, who whould I add to the list?


Robert said...

As you're in the HWA anthology edited by Kevin J. Anderson, why not try him? Worst case, he says no.

Cate Gardner said...

Robert's suggestion is solid. Or maybe, Jodi Lee.

Barry Napier said...

Joe Schreiber is surprisngly very open to these sorts of things. I believe The Dunwoody is as well.

Katey said...

Oh gosh, I WISH I could be more helpful. Mostly I'm just watching and gulping a lot, because I guess I'll have to do this too some day.

How's that for selfish? Sorry, dude :/

Jamie Eyberg said...

Dang, my mind is a complete blank right now. All I can think of are Poe and Bloch and they won't do anything for anyone at this point.

Anthony Rapino said...

You could, as Robert suggested, mine the HWA for blurbs. I'm thinking Jonathan Maberry might be a good choice.

Danielle Birch said...

While you're raising Mary Shelley, what about Shirley Jackson :)

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Aaron Polson said...

Thanks for the suggestions, folks. Shirley Jackson...yes...she would most definitely make the "dream team".

The HWA refs are a good place to start, but unfortunatley the book isn't really a collection of straight out "horror". Maybe I need to ressurect Lovecraft. He might get a kick out of that...of course, he won't be blurbing anyone's book, the lousy mithanthrope.