Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WIP Wednesday: More Fistfights, Please

I put the lid on a short story yesterday which, among other things, involved a girl watching her father crush an old man's throat with his booted foot. Needless to say, the father didn't know his daughter was watching. Yes, it was rather a dark little tale.

Currently, I'm revising my not-so-top-secret novella, and I've decided I need more fistfights. At least one more, to get the action rolling.

Maybe the hint of one is enough:

“Amanda.” The woman’s blue eyes burned into Isherwood’s gaze. She had a fire inside, blue like ice but sharp as a barber’s razor—he could see the cutting blade in that glare. “Amanda Reaver.”

Lawton pulled on his chin. “Jesus. You’re Reaver’s—”

“Daughter. Yes.”

“And he’s in the stockade for—”

“Decking me in public?” She pointed to her bruised eye. “That’d be the one.”

Nobody ever said Abraham Reaver was a nice man.


Anthony Rapino said...

Ha, ouch.

Nice excerpt, but now I want to see the fist fight. :-)

Cate Gardner said...

Make their knuckles bleed. :D

Fox Lee said...

I like it when my MCs punch people. Satoshi-san recently gave someone a very satisfying blow to the face. I love him so : )

Aaron Polson said...

Anthony - Folks get hit with more than fists...quadruple ouch.

Cate - At least.

Natalie - I don't use fists enough. I'm convinced I don't.

Kara McElhinny said...

There is nothing like a fist-fight Aaron. :D

Your tale sounds positively wicked. I love it! Good luck with it.

Jamie Eyberg said...

there aren't nearly enough novellas in the world. Good luck.

Aaron Polson said...

Hinny - Wicked. That's the way I like 'em.

Jamie - I'm a fan of long stories (as long as they're still short...if that makes any sense).

Jamie Eyberg said...

Perfect sense to me.

Danielle Birch said...

There's nothing like a good fight to sort everyone out.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Abraham Reaver sounds like a bad man. She should punch him.

Katey said...

No, not a nice man, perhaps. I hope she managed/manages to get in a good one of her own :D

Man. Getting so excited.