Friday, April 16, 2010

#fridayflash Special Collections

First and foremost, Alan W. Davidson is the winner of The Devil's Food. Mr. Davidson, if you'd be so kind as to send your mail address to aaron_polson(at)hotmail(dot)com, I'll send the book your way. Enjoy.

For the Friday Flash today, I cheat. You'll have to head to Yellow Mama to read "Special Collections". As usual, I love the art Cindy Rosmus has chosen to go along with the story. Thanks Cindy, for taking on Mr. Harper's story.



Mary Rajotte said...

" I think about the bit of jaw down in the furnace, and wonder where they ashes and other bits of bone could have gone." No muss, no fuss, makes for an ending that makes my skin crawl. Nicely done!

Jamie Eyberg said...

Not cheating. That is a valid link and a good story. congratulations Alan! You will enjoy this collection.

Laurita said...

Great story, Aaron. It reminded me a bit of Roald Dahl's story "skin". Fabulous ending.

Alan W. Davidson said...

I'm looking forward to reading the stories, Jamie. Thanks very much, Aaron. I've never won anything before...well, books anyway. Soon, all of Newfoundland will have read it. I really enjoyed "special collections". Impossible to read without getting a chill up the spine, especially the last sentence.

Aaron Polson said...

Thanks, Mary. I enjoyed writing this story.

Jamie - Thanks!

Laurita - I need to read Dahl again. "A Lamb to the Slaughter" is one of my favorites.

Alan - Those chills are what I live for. Enjoy the book.

Anthony Rapino said...

Congrats to Alan. Off to check out the flash.

Anthony Rapino said...

Oh yeah! "A Lamb to the Slaughter" is fantastic. i have his collection, "Skin," and have to read it at least once every year.

Cate Gardner said...

Gorgeous imagery, Aaron.

Kara McElhinny said...

Aaron, that was wicked!

Oh, I loved the "special" room and your description of what was in it. Wonderful imagery!

Great work.

Katey said...

Congrats Alan!

I forgot to post it here, but I twittered it yesterday: that story made my back itch.

Also reminded me of Tibetan monasteries, especially Nechung, where the Oracle is supposed to live. (But does not currently for obvious reasons.)

Yeah, you know what those are decorating the top of those walls...

Tibet is pretty awesome.

Aaron Polson said...

Thanks, Anthony.

Cate - I was inspired by a true story...(see below)

Hinny - ;) Wicked, indeed.

Katey - I'll say. The story was inspired, in part, by a dude who allowed his skin to be sold as art--seriously, when he dies, a rich investor in Europe literally gets his skin.