Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time Travel Anyone? (Plus a Smattering of Cover Art)

Permuted Press (yes, that Permuted Press) has guidelines up for a new time travel themed anthology. I'm sure competition will be tight, but my muse doesn't seem to care right now. Check out the guidelines here. They open in April.

I shared the link to "The Awful Majesty of Being Gary" last Friday, but I couldn't help sharing the cover art to Port Iris #1.

Green is such a lovely/creepy color, don't you think? The morbid little grave, strange little dude, and shafts of light are just perfect. Port Iris has kicked off with a very nice aesthetic.

Gary Sump might appear again...if I can decide what he'll do next. It's hard to be a god.

I received my contributor's copy of Aoife's Kiss #32 yesterday. A story I used to teach in Sophomore level English inspired my story. "Distillation" is set in an apocalyptic/dystopic future where not everything is as it seems. (Like, when is it?)

The first lines:
Scars are curious things, whether worn as badges on the flesh or pressed deep inside one’s memory. I will always remember the night we lost the old man. It was black and silent, no hints of life outside the factory. He looked at me, his face bunched with wrinkles and his eyes damp. “They’re out there tonight. Can you hear them?” he asked.

Aoife's Kiss #32 has some nice poetry by Bruce Boston and Marge B. Simon, and plenty of fiction. Purchase at the genre mall.

Enjoy Tuesday.


Corinne said...

Oooh. That anthology sounds intriguing - thanks for the heads-up!

Those are some fabulous covers, too, especially the first one. Reminds me of Clarkesworld. The green works very well.

Doug Murano said...

Very cool cover art, sir.

I'll be throwing my hat in the ring over at Permuted Press. I've never written a time travel story, but I've been shortlisted for two of their anthos, so it has to happen sooner or later, right?

Good luck to you!

Andrea Allison said...

Nice cover art. Green certainly has its creepy moments.

Thanks for the heads up on the antho!

Kara McElhinny said...

Congrats on your story in the mag Aaron!

Michael Stone said...

Congrats on what looks like two excellent publications, Aaron.

Katey said...

God, I'm such a sucker for pretty cover art. Then again, I'm a sucker for a well-written hook, and that is really excellent. Dystopic future? I'll take two, thanks!

I saw that Permuted Press thing and my brain went crazy, then promptly blew a fuse. I do hope I can replace it before time's up though, because wow, sounds so cool.

Aaron Polson said...

Corinne - I thought the same thing (re: Clarkesworld). I need to seek out more of the artist's work.

Doug - Time travel...I need to bone up on time travel cliches.

Andrea - Funny how green can be hopeful or creepy, depending on how it's used.

Thanks, Hinny.

Thanks, Michael.

Katey - I thought I had a great idea, and then my fuse blew, too. (too much rhyming...fuse blew too...ACK!)

Cate Gardner said...

Congrats, Aaron. Loving the covers.

And thank you for the Permuted Press link.

Aaron Polson said...

Cate - I'll be trying to sell my time-travel story for the next year, just like I did with the zombie story that didn't make the cut for The World is Dead. Le sigh. Good luck!

Fox Lee said...

*squeels* Your name is on the cover! : )

Aaron Polson said...

Natalie - I think it's an optical illusion. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your name is cover art! That is really, really awesome. Congrats on your anthos! :D

I also have my The World Is Dead story out and about. Seems that my one and only zombie story is "too ethical".


Jamie Eyberg said...

I really dig that cover art. Green really is the color of creepy.

Aaron Polson said...

Mercedes - I always thought of it as my name marred the cover art...better to take your angle. ;)

Jamie - Green is special that way.