Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Polishing the House Eaters

2010 has been all about the edits thus far. I'm steadily working through another revision of Loathesome, Dark, and Deep and just yesterday received the first round of edits on The House Eaters. I'm happy to report no major issues with only a few items which I needed to address.

But yeah. Editing.

Things are pretty tense for our small crew in Loathsome. Halfway up the river, they've lost a boat...and most of their supplies.

“We only have enough food for one more day.” Olson’s white fingers massaged his forehead. “One day, Barlow. Everything else is at the bottom of the river—”

“Because you dropped the wheel, you son-of-a-bitch.” Silas clenched his fist around the stock of his rifle. “You shirked your god-damned duty, Olson, and now the rest of us have to pay for it.”

Olson’s lip trembled. His grey eyes found mine and pleaded for help. “I—I didn’t—”

“Better off if that bullet found your neck instead of poor Hiram’s, at least he wouldn’t have left us out here with no food.” Silas advanced a step toward Olson, leaning forward with his head protruding like a bird of prey. “You make me want to vomit...”

I think they're in love. Fun stuff.


Barry Napier said...

I must be a weirdo. I quite enjoy edits.

Also, nice snippet from the new book. Sounds awesome.

Unknown said...

I like editing better than reading rejections. Your WIP sounds great!

Cate Gardner said...

I envy your editing start to 2010... :D

Aaron Polson said...

Barry - I usually do, but for some reason, I'm dragging my feet.

Jeremy - Anything is better than reading rejections...well, almost.

Cate - Success to everything we start this year, huh?

Jamie Eyberg said...

Kick Butt! That made my day, so far.

Fox Lee said...

I'm with you. They should just make out already ; )

Aaron Polson said...

Jamie - The in love part or the cursing? (heh)

Natalie - Plenty of man/man sexual tension in this book. Puts the title in a whole new perspective, doesn't it?

Elana Johnson said...

"I think they're in love." HA!

Tyhitia Green said...

Thanks for sharing the snippet. :-D Wonderful.

Aaron Polson said...

Elana - Gotta have a little humor, right?

Tyhitia - Thanks.

Katey said...

TOTALLY in love. Gah, so cool.