Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Grab Bag

Here's your free schtuff for Tuesday:

A piece of haunting ambient music, "Gentle Now, Ghosty", from a longer work of love songs for ghosts on which I'm working. (look, I'm no professional musician, okay?)

A lovely Amazon comment about "Former Vocations" (a poem in A.P. Fuch's Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes):

"...'Former Vocations' (Aaron Polson) provides marvelously personal snapshots of the end of it all." - from Anton LeCancre "horror geek"

A recommendation for Rio Youers' Mama Fish over at Skull Salad Reviews (BT's send up of the latest from The New Bedlam Project has been imported over there, too).

Finally, a list of imagery generated by one of my classes (I love me some imagery):

vibrant, sparkling, gleaming, dull, dirty, filthy, glossy, lustrous

screech, squeal, ding, rumble, muted, congested, crunching, crackling, gurgle, swoosh, swish

fruity, bitter, sour, sweet, tart, spicy, foul, bland, savory, tangy, stale, fresh, rotten, rancid

gritty, grainy, poky, knobby, oily, slimy, smooth, rough, bumpy, prickly, sharp, puffy, fluffy, dry, wet, slick, pocked

foul, stinky, raunchy, stench, skunky, dusty, musty, floral, pungent, smoky, fishy, musky

We spent about ten minutes generating the list. What other magnificent words could we add to the list?


Jamie Eyberg said...

Gurgle is one of my favorite sound words. It implies so much and it sounds so nasty.

Barry Napier said...

Dude, that song is amazing. Shades of Brian Eno, sorta kinda. Well done. I'd love to hear the end result (and get the list of software equioment you're using).

Cate Gardner said...

Something just yelped in my WIP. :D

Elana Johnson said...

Ah, excellent! I love the list. I'm currently (re)writing a book about a girl who can control fire, and I had to make a long list of fire words. I use them as nouns and verbs. Fun times.

I like the word "moldy" and it can go on several of your lists.

Aaron Polson said...

Jamie - Hey...I just used the word gurlge in my WIP. Mine involved blood.

Barry - Thanks--I figured you'd like it. Ambient music isn't for everyone.

Cate - Maybe it/him/her will yowl later.

Elana - I'm a big geek for word lists. And the thought of touching mold makes me feel a little sick.

Katey said...

I always think I should be envious of people who have talent in more than one arena. But then I just end up really liking them. I think it's like how I can't remember to stay mad at people who are mean to me. :/

Fruity smells are my favorites!

Aaron Polson said...

Katey - I certainly hope I haven't been mean. :| (talented...debateable)

Tyhitia Green said...

Great list. :-D You rock, Aaron. ;-)

Katey said...

No, you are never mean. But yes, talented. Hee!

Alan W. Davidson said...

You're a man of hidden talents. That was a nice bit of music. Haunting is a great word. Speaking of words, thanks to your class for that list.

Aaron Polson said...

Tyhitia - Thanks!

Katey - The debate rages on... ;)

Alan - Some are hidden so well I don't even have them. ;)