Friday, November 6, 2009

Words Per Minute

The man with nine fingers leans forward, his face cut with shadows and light under the lamp. "You got 'em, Manny?"

"Sure." Manny places a crinkled paper sack on the table, reaches inside, and produces a rag. He unwraps the first layer of the rag, revealing dark stains on the folds underneath."Five choices this time...hope one works."

The man with nine fingers slides his right hand under the lamp. The pinkie is severed at the second joint, a clean cut with little scar tissue.

"This one ain't gonna work," he says, lifting one finger from the cloth. "Too short. They'd snipped it at the wrong knuckle."

Manny nods and dabs his damp forhead with the back of his arm.

The man with nine fingers procedes to try each remaining pinkie next to his stump, scrutinizing them under the harsh lamplight, comparing skin tone, size, fit. With a grunt, he tosses the last on the rag with the others and pushes away from the table.

"No good?" Manny asks even though he knows.


Manny collects the cast offs in his paper sack. "I'll see what I can do...but really, is it worth--"

"Yes, it is." The man with nine fingers frowns. "I don't mind the quotation mark so much--I don't write a lot of dialogue. But the return. The return key is a stretch. Slows me down."

Manny fidgets with the paper sack, crinkling it in his fists.

"It's NaNoWriMo, Manny." The man with nine fingers knocks on the table. "I gotta get my WPM up there. 50K ain't gonna type itself."


K.C. Shaw said...

NaNoWriMo flash! I love it!

Rebecca Nazar said...


Anonymous said...

Dude, that return key gets me every time!


Alan W. Davidson said...

"He,he,he..very clever," sez Al, as he tests the distance to stretch his ring finger from the 'L' key to the 'Enter'key.

Aaron Polson said...

Heh. I think I've found a theme for the month.

Unknown said...

haha i like the theme

Cate Gardner said...

Oh NaNoWriMo, how glad I am that I am not doing thee.

Katey said...

Bwahahaha! Excellent, excellent theme. Gave me the evil cacklet hat you know very well I live for :D

Aaron Polson said...

Samantha - I'll keep it coming.

Cate - you and me both.

Katey - Cackling with you, trust me.

Fox Lee said...

So true.

Anonymous said...

Ha, awesome!

Jamie Eyberg said...

so cruel and yet so true.

Laura Eno said...

The return key would be a stretch... :)
How come you're not listing these on J M Strother's site for #fridayflash?

Danielle Birch said...