Saturday, November 14, 2009

Musical Inspiration for a Grey Day

(photo by Dirk Delbaere)

It's dark and dreary here, so I've dusted off an old song from a forgotten project for a little musical inspiration today. The tune goes well with the photo; if you aren't writing your way down a dark path, download and give a listen some other time, huh?

"Whispers" (mp3)

Happy writing.


Fox Lee said...

I guess I'll go listen to "Rawhide." ; )

Alan W. Davidson said...

Audio was so quiet and gradual that I wondered if it was working at all. Creepy sound like a "ghost in the machine."

Katey said...

It reminds me of the audio behind your mp3 stories, which I always love. Very cool, but especially with the photo.

Which matches my Nano book from last year perfectly, actually. Right, I should finish editing that... yeah. (But you know, I never like to put off til tomorrow what I could do the day after.)

Aaron Polson said...

Natalie - Move 'em out!

Alan - I probably should have warned you it was "ambient".

Katey - I'm a wacko for spooky ambient music.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Now I want to go find that dirt road.