Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WIP tired

The first "official" day of school went down yesterday.

I talk too much on day one. Blah, blah, blah, expectations...blah, blah, blah, tired. I will eventually catch the swing of things again, but until I do the project (aka Loathsome) will have to move into the slow lane.

I did surpass 40K...actually I'm at 41K (huzzah!). So here's today's snippet:

I hurried a few steps to catch up with [Curt]. “I met a man before leaving—actually before I even came to St. Helens. A man named Pete Archer.” My eyes scrutinized every wrinkle on Curt’s face for the slightest hint of recognition, the slightest twitch or vibration in his placid features.


“Never heard of him.” Curt’s voice chilled my marrow.

“He…well, he said he knew you.” I rubbed perspiration from my forehead with the palm of one hand. “I thought he might have been one—”

“No.” Curt smiled, and his lips stretched between the thick sideburns on his cheeks. “No one by the name of Archer ever worked in my camp.”

His smile sent discomfort scurrying across my skin, but I pressed the question. “He had scars at the back of his neck.” I touched the back of my own neck, just at the base of the skull. “Scars that looked like puncture marks.”

I also managed to write a "dark" flash piece that needs a little editing.

Happy writing.


Alan W. Davidson said...

Puncture marks, a good place to leave off.

By the way, Aaron. My next blog entry will be to pass on the One Lovely Blog Award to you (as it was to me days ago...)

Jamie Eyberg said...

Woot on 41K! Woot on back to school and schedules! Woot on your latest snippit you've decided to share with us!

Unknown said...

Whoah, scars on the back of the neck - that sent a little chill up my spine. Good luck at school - my kid just started Kindergarten - I have no idea how to spell that. Anyway, he's been coming home tired. I guess the first few weeks take a lot out of both teachers and students.

Don't know about high school kids though. Are they even human?

Aaron Polson said...

Alan - Thank you, sir. Puncture marks make everyone happy.

Jamie - You've whoot-ed me into submission.

Aaron Polson said...

Jeremy - high school kids are weird creatures...almost adults, mostly kids. My oldest son is in first grade this year; he lovss it but is sooooo tired.

Rebecca Nazar said...

My kids don't start until the third--ugh. Fall is bliss . .

"41k? You prolific bastard," the jealous sludge mistress from Plodville whined.

Cate Gardner said...

Huzzah indeed! Going back to work is always tiring, you'll get into the swing of things. Do you have different kids each year?

Fox Lee said...

Oh man, that takes me back. The first day of school always had such a limbo feeling to it!

Steven J. Dines said...

41k - damn, you've overtaken me now (currently just over 40k). Anyway, well done. Keep it up.

K.C. Shaw said...

Gotta love the mystery of the puncture mark scars. Very creepy. :)

Good luck with the new school year. I have, let's see, 12 days left before my Tennessee teacher's license expires. Come on, 12 days!

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you, I have nothing but respect for teachers. My son has a whole educational posse trying to help him catch up, and man, are they golden.

Three cheers for those of you who are willing to take our children off of our hands! I like myself better when I have a break.

Danielle Birch said...

Well done on passing 41k.

BT said...

Cool progress - bummer on the need to slow down.

What year level do you teach/are you teaching this year?

Katey said...

So digging on your atmosphere. You've been tearing through this thing-- nicely done, man. Good luck with the frolicking dirt children (Invader Zim thing, no I do not dislike children, in fact I love them) this year.

Aaron Polson said...

Rebecca - but what word choice, even in a blog comment!

Cate - about half of my students are new; half are familiar faces

Natalie - those feelings never really go away

Steven - I'm slowing up. Trust me.

K.C. - Guess that means you won't be rejoining the profession?

Mercedes - thanks. I like that word: Posse.

Danielle - thanks.

BT - I teach "juniors" and "seniors" ... basically 12th and 13th year students. (16-18 year olds)

Katey - I don't know why, but I love the children too. 'Course, some people don't call 18-year-olds children...but they do seem like kids to me.

Akasha Savage. said...

Hiya...found you through Alan's blog. I work at at school too, but here in England we don't start back til Sept 7. Sooooo looking forward to it. Not! :(

Aaron Polson said...

Akasha - I usually like school after a bit. Starting...not so much. Thanks for stopping by.