Friday, September 12, 2008

Yikes! One Heck* of a TOC

The Harvest Hill TOC is out there for the world to see, and gosh if it isn't a whopping thirty-one stories long!

"Poor Andrew Boyd" by K.V. Taylor
"Teeth" by Gustavo Bondoni
"The Confession of Jeremiah Heath" by John C. Caruso
"The Magician" by Damien Navillus
"The Seance" by Beau Forbes
"A Trilogy of Expressions" by Bobbie Metevier
"Demon Whiskey" by J.C. Tabler
"The Last Job" by Jim Kelley
"The Feasting" by Robert J. Santa
"R" by Lawrence Barker
"The Church of Dead Music" by Rick Moore
"Met Halfway" by Jezzy Wolfe
"The Outlaws of Hill County" by John Palisano
"Pumpkins" by Christopher Dykes
"Mona" by Gerald Rice
"The Light Knight Returns" by Michael Stone
"Animating the Dead" by John P. Wilson
"Cold, Dark, Deep" by Camille Alexa
"The Scavengers Lying in Wait" by Aaron A. Polson
"Time is Mine by Steven L. Shrewsbury
"The Orchard" by Andrew Shvarts
"Harold" by Mike Sweeney
"The Harvest Hill Theatre" by Gregory L. Hall
"The Pumpkin Smasher Massacre" by Richard Pitaniello
"Rogut" by Joe Nazare
"The Midway" by J.G. Faherty
"Space Cowboys Don't Ride Electric Horses" by Robby Sparks
"Don't Eat My Face" by Briane F. Pagel, Jr.
"WSCK" by Rio Youers
"Stone Heart, Vinyl Floors" by Jeff Parish
"The Hoax" by Matt Hults




Cate Gardner said...

Kudos to you all. And congrats again. :)

Gustavo said...

Congrats - and it's nice to share a ToC with you!