Friday, November 19, 2010

First Line(s) Friday

First line of "Upon Leaving the Candy Factory," a short story in which zombies shovel sugar while wearing bio-hazard suits:

Times are tough all over.

First line of "Soul Marbles," a flash story which has seen several short lists but no home:

Mom had already been crying when she found me sitting on the concrete floor of the garage with a hammer in my hand.

First line of Kij Johnson's wonderful "Ponies" at

The invitation card has a Western theme.

First line of Grace Krilanovich's The Orange Eats Creeps (a novel which I will read before the year is over):

The sun is setting.

May your weekend have many first lines.


Akasha Savage. said...

I love the first line of Soul Marbles, I so want to read more!

Milo James Fowler said...


Tried to DM you on Twitter but unfortunately could not. Alas!

Aaron Polson said...

Thanks, Akasha!

Milo - Just drop me an email: aaron_polson(at)

Danielle Ferries said...

I too love that first line of Soul Marbles. Endless possibilities with that opening.