Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weird? Who Me?

I landed one acceptance this weekend from Every Day Weirdness to go along with the five rejections from other publishers. Yeah, "Gary Sump's Hidden City" softened the blow a bit.

Thanks, Gary.

Wait...Gary's not real, is he? Thanks, muse. I was a little confused.

I've been trying to stop the short story train, and have one more piece I want to finish before rolling up the ol' sleeves and tackling revisions on Rock Gods and Scary Monsters.

Really...I'll stop after one more short story. I promise.


Jamie Eyberg said...

Congrats on the acceptance. I haven't heard of that market, but there are a lot of them I haven't heard of. Sorry about the rejections. I am sure they will turn into acceptances with time. I haven't heard from anyone this weekend. Probably for the better.

Natalie L. Sin said...

I'll stop after two more stories. Maybe.

Catherine J Gardner said...

Congratulations on the acceptance. I haven't written a short story in days. :)

katey said...

Congratulations! You are amazing in your short story production, I love it! Why stop a good thing? (Then again, I'm a bit of a hedonist, so don't listen to me.)

Wait...Gary's not real, is he?
Shhh, don't let him hear you say that! He'll make you sorry, man.

K.C. Shaw said...

Congrats on the acceptance! If you get an acceptance, any rejections received at about the same time don't actually count.

Barry Napier said...

I keep wanting to write something for these guys, but the Flash Train has apparently stalled at the station.

Congrats on the acceptance!