Friday, January 16, 2009

Stories I Couldn't Let Die

I've been reading some of my older stories, bits that have collected their fair share of rejections over the past couple of years. Most of them stink. I'm working on a story graveyard as we speak.

I just couldn't let two of them die. "Aunt Tessie's Burden" is one of my personal favorites, although the premise is pretty cliche. My first rejection for this piece was a glowing "final round" from Shimmer. After a year in the wilderness, you can read it at Bending Spoons.

The other story, "Uncle Bobby", is in the current edition of The Absent Willow Review. It too racked up plenty of rejections, but I couldn't let ol' Bobby die. Well, at least not until someone read the story. ;)

We had a dusting of snow in Northeast Kansas, just enough to make the students complain about having school. Isn't life grand?

Enjoy the weekend.


Jamie Eyberg said...

I felt that way about a story that will be in next fall's issue of Night to Dawn. I just couldn't let it die.

Natalie L. Sin said...

I have a pair of literary defibrelators on hand in case any of my stories get lazy. ; )

K.C. Shaw said...

I've decided all my stories should be shot and buried in a mass grave.

Bobbie Metevier said...

I have a story that I won't let die, too. It's about a writer. Nobody wants a story about a writer. Yeah . . . what's so bad about writers?

Aaron Polson said...

Bobbie-that's why a lot of my protags are teachers. (heh)

BT said...

I've got a bunch of stories I won't let die, two in particular, but at the moment none of them have found a home. I'm glad yours have - maybe there's hope for mine yet.

How many rejections did each of these muster before they found their new homes?

Aaron Polson said...

BT - we have a children's counting book at our house that ends with a field of flowers and the caption: Too many to count.

I'm sure the number is well over a half-dozen a piece, but after that...I stop counting.