Thursday, December 4, 2008

Someone Else Behind the Microphone This Time

Kevin Colligan at Well Told Tales gave the green light to "The Eyes Have It" as a future podcast. I'm glad someone else will do the reading this time because I'm fighting a nasty little sinus infection.

J.C. Tabler has a post up about his ghostly experience last weekend, inspiring my own relation of something strange and otherworldly.

I used to work at a small nonprofit called YouthFriends in Lawrence (a school-based mentoring program). We were housed in the local United Way building, which had been a nursing home. The old patient rooms were converted into offices for the various non-profit agencies in town.

One room in particular had "haunting" type issues. Anytime someone put a clock in the room, it would stop. Still does to this day. A friend is now the president/CEO at United Way, and they are experimenting with a variety of perfectly healthy clocks. So far, each has quit working within a day.

I tend to lean toward the skeptical on these things, but the clock has me stumped.


Jamie Eyberg said...

I always figured that in eternity one didn't need a watch.

Catherine J Gardner said...


Ghosts avoid me - everyone in my family (okay, my generation and above not the kiddies) have seen ghosts except for me. What did I do wrong?

Natalie L. Sin said...

In Chinese culture, you never give a clock as a gift. It implies that you want the person to die.

Aaron Polson said...

Oh -- The ghost stops the clock 'cause he/she/it is pissed that someone gave him/her/it one as a gift. Sweet theory.

K.C. Shaw said...

Congrats on the podcast!

The clock thing...weird. Do watches stop too? I mean, if someone wearing a watch stays in the room for a full work day, does their watch stop? Preferably, something like that would be tested without the watch wearer knowing anything about the clock problem.

And clocks on laptops and computers, do they mess up too? How about digital clocks? Battery-driven clocks, plug-in clocks, those fancy clocks that are supposed to uplink to some sort of satellite to reset automatically every five minutes?

Man, I love this kind of thing! I bet you could get a good short story out of it too, you know.