Saturday, November 1, 2008

Goodbye, October

Taking a break from NaNoWriMo and "slush"* reading to reflect on the last 31 days.

I wrote some flash in October:

"Spare Parts" - micro fiction / out with Flashshot
"Hollis Jones Transformed" - out with Drabblecast
"God's Creatures" - entered in Microhorror's Halloween Contest
"Hollow John" - needs revision
"To Make Things Right" - needs a market...

Two mid-range stories (between 1-2K):

"Fresh Produce" - out with Weird Tales (who knows?)
"At the Hall of Resurrection" - already spanked by Space and Time / now with Apex Digest (I don't know if there's enough "science" to be considered science fiction...)

Some longer fiction (over 2K):

"On the Dead River, Traveling South" - out with Dia de los Muertos
"The Demon Hustle" - still waiting to hear from The Book of Tentacles (tentacles crossed)
"The Thing in the Wall" - needs revision and a new title

Received a pile of rejections (why do they still hurt?). One was from Cemetery Dance with a personal note. That was nice, as far as rejections go.


"Little Fingers" to Arkham Tales
"To Put Away Childish Things" to Kaleidotrope
and a poem, "She Waits" to Nocturnal Lyric

Finally, I made one more revision to The Last Days of the Springdale Saints.

October was a busy month.

*By the way, I hate the word slush. Ed and I have been impressed by some of the flash already sent in for Fifty-Two Stitches. Writing is never slush.

1,000 words down on my NaNo project. So far, so good. (Can I count blog entries toward my word count...please?)

Oh yeah, the NaNo project is going by the name Rock Gods and Scary Monsters.


Jamie Eyberg said...

You were way more productive than I was in October. have fun with the 'pile' (I think pile has a nicer ring than slush, or maybe heap)

Natalie L. Sin said...

Reading slush kinda makes me thirsty

Catherine J Gardner said...

Love your NaNo project title - Woot! Though I don't envy you reading slush and attempting to write a novel in a month.

Aaron Polson said...

Jamie - pile is good...

...mmm, slushy...

Cate - reading the 'pile' is a nice diversion... especially flash