Friday, October 31, 2008

The Man in the Hallway - Podcast

As promised, a special Halloween podcast. Yes, that's my slightly nasal drone reading my first published story, "The Man in the Hallway". If you want to read the text, the link is on the sidebar. When I was a boy, I struggled when going to bed because I would imagine the shadows in the hall outside my room were actually people. Or monsters.

Have a safe and fabulous Halloween!


Jeremy Kelly said...

Great story Aaron. Brought back some real memories of beng a kid.

And put me in the mood for halloween!

Jamie Eyberg said...

Did you ever listen to Bill Cosby talk about the chicken heart that ate up New York City? (gotta get my jello, spread it all over the floor!) Kind of a modern 'Lights Out' very cool.

Natalie L. Sin said...

Vincent Price made nasal voices famous, I say rock it!

katey said...

That was a wonderful little Halloween present for us, I enjoyed the hell out of it. And it really made me feel like a kid again, particularly having someone "tell" me the story.

Awesome, thanks for that!