Thursday, October 16, 2008

Number 5 Cake: I'm No a Free Book

Everybody likes free books, right? See the bottom of this post for how to win.
Thanks to Carrie Harris's quest to become the Batman eyebrows expert, I checked my webmaster stats. So...people are coming to me for advice on how to make a number 5 cake. I did post pictures of the cake I made for Owen's fifth birthday, along with simple directions, but really...

Here's the book contest. Strange Publications has released Tainted: Tales of Terror and the Supernatural, and I want to give some lucky soul a free copy.

The catch: write at least one sentence featuring one of the words below.

morbid, obstinate, emaciated, grotesque, pestilence, devastate, abyss

(These are vocabulary words for my high school classes; I always present vocabulary "in context" and have the students figure out the meaning.)

Respond to this post with your sentence(s), and I will place your name in a drawing (one time for each sentence). Deadline is this Sunday (10/19/08) at midnight (Central Standard Time - US). I will announce the winner on Monday (10/20/08).

Goofy contest, sure, but I thought it would be a fun way to combine my two passions.


Jamie Eyberg said...

It would be nice to place that book in the abyss that has become my library.

Have fun with your contest. (Man, I had a good english teacher in H.S. but I think you may have her beat.)

by the way, one of these days we will have to get together and discuss ways to making our children untouchable until college. (My ideas include backbraces, adult diapers and potentially shaving her head)

Catherine J Gardner said...

I am a whore for competitions, especially when the prize is so grotesque… I mean, cool.

Scrape me out of the abyss of rejections. Don’t devastate me with a no. My anthologies-to-read pile is emaciated. Now, I know you are going to say ‘well go out and order it then’, but I can be obstinate when I want, and I feel my heels digging in.

And remember, it is the season to be morbid*.

*You can make the word ‘silence’ by using some of the letters in Pestilence, but you can also make the word ‘pest’, which will describe me when I don’t win…

Jeremy D Brooks said...
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Jeremy D Brooks said...

"Into the abyss," she cried through dry throat and tears, emaciated and weary, "for their end to the morbid pestilence they feed us like dogs...for their obstinate cruelty, let us answer their grotesque misdeeds with our own...DEVASTATE!"

(deleted my first post...the punctuation on this one is bad enough, the first version made me twitch)

Carrie Harris said...

"I'll do a lot of things," I said to the grotesque zombie, "but I won't kiss your abyss."

Which is completely inappropriate for high schoolers, but I couldn't resist.

And I'm glad to be a good influence on you. Or give you something to blog about. Or something. I dunno. I'm just glad.

Barry Napier said...

Is it the empty coffee cup into which I stare that is the abyss or is it the hollow soul that craves the coffee in the first place?...Either way, I need more coffee.

It would devestate me to see a squirrel holding the STOP/GO signs at a construction road site...especially if it had been hit and splattered in the road.

Natalie L. Sin said...

The pestilence poured out of the abyss, their grotesque emaciated bodies and obstinate minds eager to devastate the humans in a morbid feast of flayed flesh.

Aaron Polson said...

Great stuff. Keep it coming!

Jeremy D Brooks said...

OK, this is my warm-up for working on my novel tonight (apologies in advance):

To morbid abyss go the obsinate three
Patient...grotesque...I, the welcomer, be
Emaciated, lonely bones; devastate them, men to stones
Pestilence greets them, and three friends for me

As you can tell, I don't do poetry, and there is definitely a reason for that...apologies to those who do ;-)

Christopher Allan Death said...

The emaciated worm emerged from the man's navel with a wet pop, sending a river of syroupy blood down his abdomen and thighs.

Hope that's gory enough for you!

Christopher Allan Death said...

The emaciated worm emerged from the man's navel with a wet pop, sending a river of syrupy blood down his abdomen and thighs.

Sorry for the double post. I noticed a spelling error just after I hit "publish."

*bangs head against wall*