Sunday, August 3, 2008

So This is August? Hmph.

Well, I've been out of the "office" on family "staycation" for the last week, and now that I look at the calendar, it seems time to panic is just around the corner.

School that is. My first contract day is (drumroll please...) Wednesday, August 13th. The "kids" start on the following Tuesday. I am as unprepared as I have ever been at the start of a new year, not to mention I'm teaching drama for the first time in seven years. Yikes.

So on to "staycation" (and further avoidance of my teacher-ly duties). We went to the Kansas Cosmosphere in beautiful (okay, mildly attractive) Hutchinson, Kansas. We qualified this as "staycationing" because the drive was only about two and a half hours. One might ask, "Why build a world-class space museum in the middle of nowhere?" And I would reply, excellent question. May I direct you to the Cosmosphere's website:

The museum was really cool, including a sizable collection of space toys from yesteryear--not to mention the life-size cosmonaut descending from a space capsule in a dark room. Really creepy. I should also mention the exploding cottonball...yeah, that was pretty cool, too.

All in all, I'm glad to be home, procrastinating as usual. Bring on the kiddos.


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