Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Licking My Wounds...In Public No Less!


I'm feeling the old "black hole" again, that place of dispair I like to slip as a writer from time to time. Four rejections in the last three days, and I thought I had a shot a couple of them. Lick, lick. I don't even know where that figure of speech came from...hmmmm

Suck it up and move on. Okay? Better.

To tell the truth (fanfare...cue fanfare) I think I'm growing very lazy in the "revision" stage of my short stories. I think I need to let them cool a little more before I revise, gain some better perspective. I'm in such a damn hurry to zip a submission out there. Even the fast magazines take a couple of weeks to give a look, why can't I take a few more days to make the story perfect?

Patience, grasshopper. Perfect might be asking too much. How about, damn good?

Too much free time this summer makes Aaron...what? Frusterated, impatient, silly? I'm just going to blame this on my sinus infection, and I'm going to blame the sinus infection on the kids...this passing the buck thing sort of rocks...but who the hell gets a sinus infection in June?

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